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Boss Dual Cube Bass LX

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The Boss Dual Cube Bass LX hits above its weight class, with a tone that's both bigger and also more refined than you'd expect from such as small amp. It's also loaded with effects, ranging from "acoustic" style effects like reverb, delay, and chorus, to heavier sounds usually associated with electric guitars. We've tested this amp with electric violins, violas, and cellos, and it's a great-sounding portable amp, that can also run off of battery power, if needed.

The Boss Dual Cube Bass LX features a wide array of effects, including acoustic style effects like reverb, delay, and chorus, as well as compression, wah, flanger, and distortion/overdrive. Turn up the gain with the drive engaged, to increase the amount of crunch in your distorted sound. A built-in USB connection gives you access to even more variations of each effect and more detailed tweaks to the specific parameters of the amp, by downloading them to the amp from your Mac or PC.

Practice your improvisational skills or play songs you already know, using the different rhythm types and variations that are included in the Cube Bass LX's onboard Rhythm Guide. From a simple metronome to Jazz, Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk, Metal, Latin, and Country, with three variations for each of the styles, you'll have plenty of realistic drum grooves to play along with.

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