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Headway EDB-2 Sheer Acoustic Equalizer Direct Blend preamp

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The new Headway EDB-2 is feature-rich, powerful sequel to their acclaimed EDB-1 preamp. This new preamp builds on the strengths of its predecessor, allowing you to use its many features on either the 1/4" instrument channel or the microphone channel, and even adding an iPod input for backing tracks. In this sense, the EDB-2 is as much a two-channel mini-mixer as it is an incredibly capable preamp.In the UK, Headway's original EDB-1 preamp has always been nearly as popular as the venerable L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI is here in the states. With its successor, the EDB-2, the folks at Headway have upped their game even further, creating an amazingly capable preamp that also serves double duty as a two-channel mixer for one instrument and one microphone, supplying phantom power to condenser mics and allowing you to add backing tracks with a dedicated 3.5mm input for your iPod or other playback device. The EDB-2 let's you EQ your sound with knobs to control bass, low mid-range, high mid-range, treble, and presence. In the all-important feedback control department, this Headway preamp packs two channel-selectable punches -- a phase inverter and an adjustable notch filter that lets you select both the frequency to cut out and the width of the cut. The latter control allows you to target the frequency range that's being removed, helping you defeat feedback while removing as little useable range as possible. Other welcome features include a three-position impedance switches for both channels, three-position power switch (off, standby, and on), a three-position "range" selector (violin, guitar, and bass), a mute switch, a ground lift, and a low-battery indicator light. The equalization controls can be applied to either channel one, channel two, or both channels, the phase inverter is channel selectable, and phantom power can be set to on, off, or 18V. The EDB-2 is clearly designed for those players who want maximum control of, and responsibility over, their own sound. It might be too much for some, but Headway definitely seems to have thought of everything -- the EDB-2 is definitely the perfect preamp for the obsessive completist.

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