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Stratton 5-string American Flag custom hand-carved electric violin

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This custom hand-carved violin by master electro-luthier Jeff Stratton is the perfect instrument for violin stars of any stripe, whether you're rocking through the night under the red glare of stage lights or gallantly streaming your performances on social media. However, this star spangled fiddle is one-of-a-kind, so act fast to avoid a perilous fight for its glory.

Stratton Violins are the creation of Jeff Stratton, an American expat hand-carving electric violins which are playable works of art. Jeff originally gained notoriety for his Skull violins, and later the distressed look of his Gypsy electric fiddles. More recently Jeff has focused efforts on high customized hand-carved one-off designs such as this one.

This Flag design, while instantly recognizable, goes well beyond a simple red, white and blue paint job. Through masterful woodcarving technique Jeff has achieved a convincing rippling wave texture.

While the look is certainly the headline, this is no set-on-a-shelf display piece. This work of art is meant to be played, and to sound good in action. Due to the thickness of the wood, Jeff's designs tend to be a bit heavier, but his violins are always exceptionally well balanced, and the shape, fit, and finish allow this violin to feel right at home. Jeff has great bridge and neck curvature on his 5-string instruments, as well as good string spacing, making the transition from 4 strings to 5 an easy one.

Excellent, natural sounding woody tone comes from the Starfish Transducers pickup, with multiple piezo elements discretely wired directly into the bridge.

Adding to the overall look are Jeff's own custom designed die cast tailpiece and volume knob fittings.

A basic dart-shaped case is included.

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