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Stratton Gypsy 5-string electric violin, Dark Mahogany

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The Gypsy by Jeff Stratton -- creator of the radical death's head Skull model violins -- takes some of the weathered, carved, and custom elements from the Skull design and incorporates them into a slightly more traditional look. The look of the Gypsy model is still 100% Stratton, with many of the same custom touches that make Jeff's violins stand out from an increasingly-crowded market.

This particular Stratton Gypsy's finish has a wonderful complexity of shades, but presents from a distance as a dark mahogany color. A dart-shaped plywood shell case is included.

When you see one of Jeff Stratton's violins from a distance, it can seem as if the instrument is all one color, but that's rarely the case. This Stratton Gypsy violin is a perfect example -- from ten feet away, dark mahogany is a perfect description if its color. But look at the close-up images of this violin, and you'll notice a complex, multi-hued palette made up of varying shades of red and brown that clearly show the amount of thought and work that Jeff puts into each of his violins.

The pickup is a natural unfinished Starfish Designs multi-transducer pickup bridge. The Starfish pickup produces a warm, clear amplified tone. It sounds great in amplified "acoustic" styles playing, but also does a great job paired with high-gain effects, and is more than capable of performing well in high volume settings.

Electric Violin Shop includes a lightweight, dart-shaped case with all Stratton electric violins.

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