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Stratton Gypsy Hand-Carved, Tibetan Wheel of Life 2

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This beautiful, lighter-colored Stratton Gypsy is Jeff Stratton's latest interpretation of the Tibetan Wheel of Life. He's always felt a connection with the culture, art, and close community of Tibetan Buddhism, and this is the second violin he's made depicting the cycle of birth, rebirth, and existence in samsara. The carving of this particular instrument is intricate and detailed, and really draws in the eye and the mind.

As a work of art, it's a beautiful piece of work, but it is equally powerful as an instrument for your art. There's a solidity and weight to this 5-string Stratton Gypsy, but its body has a comfortable, familiar feel, and its sound is rich and focused. The Barbera Twin Hybrid transducer bridge gives this violin a fat, full sound and a strong output, ensuring that you can be heard in any stage environment.

The Wheel of Life, is a subject that holds special meaning to Jeff Stratton, and this is the second hand-carved violin that he's made that depicts the Bhavachakra. His affinity for the art and culture of Tibet in many way guides his life and art. This second hand-carved super custom Wheel of Life violin is incredibly detailed, and examining it closely can be almost mesmerizing.

As beautiful as this super custom 5-string Stratton Skull electric violin is, it sounds even better. Equipped with a Barbera Twin Hybrid multi-transducer pickup bridge, this instrument has a fat, full, powerful signal that's perfectly suited for high-volume situations, and sounds incredible with high gain effects. If you feel like you're having to slug it out toe-to-toe with a loud guitarist, a Barbera bridge will make your life much easier.

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