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Volta Nylocore 5-String Violin String Set - C G D A E

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From the maker of Volta hybrid electric violins comes this affordable 5-string set, consisting of CGDAE strings and suitable on any 5-string electric or acoustic violin. Nylocore strings offer a warm, rich gut strings sound for electrics, with excellent pitch stability and string longevity at a low price!

Volta Nylocore strings sound great on electric or acoustic violins, but are optimized with electric playing in mind. For the 5-string set, special attention was given to the C string to minimize pitch deflection, which is common on the lower strings of extended range violins.

Nylocore strings are, as they sound, constructed with a nylon core, giving them a warm, rich tone that opens up the sound of your instrument rather than sounding scratchy and choked with strings designed for loud acoustic soloists. On electrics, you'll notice less buzzing and hissing from Nylocore strings than with most strings formulated for acoustic violin.

Volta created Nylocore strings with budget and longevity in mind, so that you're not overpaying upfront or in the long run to keep your instrument set up with strings that sound good! Nylon strings are also more stable with changes in temperature and humidity, so it's easy to move between indoor and outdoor gigs no matter the season.

The icing on top of the nylon core C-through-A strings is a specially formulated steel E string designed not to rust or tarnish, and to stay smooth and shiny!


String Core Winding Gauge
E Stainless Steel n/a .010
A Nylon Aluminum .024
D Nylon Aluminum .032
G Nylon Sterling Silver .032
C Nylon Sterling Silver .040

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