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Vsound 2 Impulse Response Pedal by Signal Wizard Systems

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The Vsound 2 is the ideal tool for anyone who has ever wished their electric violin could sound as good as their good acoustic. Vsound 2 allows you modify the signal from your electric violin's pickup to mimic the timbre and voice of a fine acoustic.

Vsound 2 works using impulse response technology. Impulse response is a unique digital fingerprint of the reverberations inside the bodies of real acoustic instruments.

Vsound is supplied with pre-loaded violin impulse responses from high-end violins in its memory, and additional ones are supplied with the downloadable vSound software for Windows or Mac.

Hear the difference

About Vsound and Impulse Response

Vsound is complex piece of electronic engineering, but it is very simple to operate. Simply plug the violin into Vsound, plug the output from Vsound into an amplifier or headphones, switch on and select a violin sound. Done.

Vsound comes with a range of other functions for optimal performance including a gain-selectable preamplifier, volume control, a 20-band graphic equalizer, a versatile arbitrary equalizer, and an adjustable blender. The blender, which combines the original with the processed signal, extends the scope of the system for use with acoustic instruments fitted with pickups on the bridge.

The unit can be controlled either from a computer using the supplied software, or directly from the foot switches on the top panel of the pedal. Vsound is supplied with pre-loaded violin impulse responses in its memory, and additional ones are supplied with the software. Voices included with the Vsound are: two Stradivari violins; two Guarneris, two Catenaris, a Gagliano, a Tononi, and two modern violins from Hans Johannsson. You can also download your own impulse responses.

Using the hardware, you can advance instantly from one voice to the next simply by tapping the left footswitch. By tapping the right footswitch, the unit toggles between the raw sound (bypass) and the processed version, so you get an immediate impression of how the sound has changed.

You can also do this using the free downloadable software. Connect the unit to the computer and open the “Select impulse response…” window. Choose from any violin voice by clicking one of the “Select” buttons.

Visit Signal Wizard Systems' YouTube channel for Vsound tutorial videos

Hardware Specs

  • Ten pre-loaded violin responses, including Stradivarius, Guarneri, Tononi and Catenari
  • Rugged Stomp-box design
  • Powerful DSP core with 24-bit audio resolution
  • Large 2-digit 7-segment LED display
  • Foot switches: violin select and bypass/toggle
  • Switchable preamp: 0 dB or 14 dB
  • 500 k ohm input impedance
  • Output to amplifier or headphones
  • Rotary volume control
  • Standard quarter inch mono phono sockets
  • 9V DC input, centre negative
  • Micro USB socket
  • Linear power adapter

Software Specs (Windows or Mac)

  • Seamless communication with hardware unit
  • Download and control of impulse responses
  • Gain adjustment and full digital gain
  • Blender control (wet/dry balance)
  • Graphics equalizer
  • Arbitrary equalizer
  • Full real-time control of unit and violin select
  • Bypass and toggle modes
  • Full setup retention on shutdown and startup
  • Diagnostics and easy firmware upgrade installation
  • Context sensitive help

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