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3Dvarius 5-String Acrylic 3D Printed Electric Violin

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Made with cutting-edge 3D printing technology and hand-finished in France, the 3Dvarius is the latest transparent electric violin to hit the market. This 5-string 3Dvarius is lightweight and comfortable to play. If your choice is clear, then the choice is clear!

If you're one of the many electric violinists who've been enthralled by the idea of a clear instrument, the 3Dvarius might be exactly what you've been looking for. Its transparent body give it a striking, dynamic appearance. Unlike many of the transparent electric violins on the market, nearly every part of the 3Dvarius is clear. From the chin rest to the fingerboard, everything except the Barbera bridge and the mechanical tuners is see-through. 

Created using advanced 3D printing technologies, the 3Dvarius is then hand-finished in France by skilled craftsmen. Any excess resin from the violins, then cleaning and polishing the instruments before an ultraviolet curing process to initiate polymerization. UV polymerization reduces flaws or defects and eliminates the need for solvents. Finally, any surfaces that contact the strings or the body of the player are precision sanded for maximum playing comfort and purity of sound.

The 3Dvarius pickup bridge uses one sound sensor per string in order to translate all sound frequencies. Its sound sensors, located under each string, were carefully selected to accurately translate the sound frequencies.

This 5-string 3Dvarius electric violin has a comfortable string spacing, and is a great player. Its construction makes for a lightweight, durable instrument that feels at home on your shoulder.

Price includes a custom hard shell case.

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