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Arcus P5 Carbon Fiber Violin Bow with Octagonal Stick

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Arcus bows utilize high-density carbon fiber to create a hollow tubular stick design that is both stronger and lighter weight than traditional pernambuco wood bows. The result is a bow with great elasticity that draws lots of sound easily and produces more high frequency overtones for a richer tone.

The P-model bows are designed to produce warm, rich tone, with a stick that is slightly more resilient and weighing a couple of grams more than other Arcus models (still only 53 grams compared to the average wood bow at ~60). The P-series pair well with bright violins and electric violins with brighter pickups by naturally rounding out the tone. The P5 in particular represents great value, hitting the sweet spot in terms of performance for price.

The P5 bow shares many similarities in design with the great bows from the 19th century. Its sound is full, rich and warm, and very powerful. You will find it particularly easy to draw a meaty, dense and melancholic sound with the P5. Stick strength, balance, and weight gives the P5 additional stability on the strings and great traction, while retaining bounce and jump with incredible strength and speed when required. Its darker sound fits all somewhat brighter sounding violins. They pull a warmer and softer sound from the E-string while the G-string sounds deeper and fuller. Works great on extended range as well.


  • Winding: 935 Silver
  • Stick: Octagonal
  • Weight: ~53 grams
  • Frog: Snakewood
  • Warranty: 30 year on bow sticks. 2 year for the tip plate, the frog, and the button.

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