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Bridge Draco Dragon electric cello, Phoenix custom finish

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The Draco cello is made of a carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite, with a semi hollow-body design that preserves all the physical reference points of an acoustic cello. Curvy and sexy, this is cello sounds as amazing as it looks. This model is a Dragon, which is an upgraded version with superior electronics to the standard Draco model, as well as auxiliary mini jack headphone output and Wittner finetune geared ebony-lookalike pegs. The unique Phoenix wings-of-fire design is over a matte black finish, which affords this high end cello a particularly luxurious look.

If the smaller, more portable package of some other stick-figure electric cellos isn't an important consideration for you, then you should definitely consider the Draco! Designed by Bridge instruments in the UK, the Draco cello is a great-sounding electric cello has all the traditional reference points of your acoustic instrument, but looks sleek and modern enough for any amplified setting. The body is molded from a carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite that provides amazing durability for the traveling cellist.


  • hollow molded carbon & kevlar composite body
  • maple neck and headstock
  • Bridge proprietary pickup and preamp
  • string output generation utilizing a PP3 9 volt battery*
  • tone & volume controls
  • 1/4" (6mm) mono jack output
  • auxiliary mini jack headphone output*
  • Wittner FineTune pegs*
  • ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Ships in hard case with handle and wheels
  • Custom finish*

*Denotes feature unique to 'Dragon' model

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