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CodaBow Luma Viola Bow

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The Luma is CodaBow's lightweight specialized design, balanced and weighted to be nimble and quick. Its lighter touch and connection allows rapid tonal changes. The Luma appeals especially to players desiring lightness in weight and character.

The Luma is "inspired by the strong, light facility and the rich tonality of bows by Voirin, Lamy, and Thomassin.” We feel that the Luma is not only a worthy tribute, to great bow makers but a truly exceptional bow in its own right that adds yet another outstanding choice to Coda's line of premier performance bows.

A few grams lighter than CodaBow's Performance Model bows (NX, SX and GX), the Luma achieves its light touch and facility with a balance point that's a little closer to the frog, a moderate action, and a medium-soft stiffness. The Aero frog design off-loads the hand while the lightness of the shaft allows a facile and nimble response for flashy, technical passages.


  • Brown tinted
  • XEBONY frog (CodaBow's proprietary ebony-like composite)
  • Nickel Silver fittings
  • Moroccan leather grip
  • Silver plated winding
  • Silver Medal horse hair
  • Tone Color: Shimmery, Warm
  • Touch: Light, Nimble
  • 10-Year WARRANTY

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