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CodaBow Marquise GS Cello Bow

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Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the Marquise GS is the standard-bearer of master bows. Designed by the leaders of advanced bowmaking, the GS delivers exquisite handling and expressive sound once reserved only for the finest master bows. Both advanced and organic fibers expertly blended bestow natural response, sensitivity, and beauty.

Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of master bow making experience, the Marquise GS is the standard-bearer of master bows. Optimum balance, flexibility, and weight deliver exquisite handling and expressive sound.

Richness and Range

High-pressure infused Acoustic Core contains a first-ever blend of natural (plant) fibers and Kevlar® that delivers organic timbre, rich overtones, and a full range of expression.  Decades of experience has taught us that creating superior, sophisticated sound requires more than just carbon fiber.   The clear favorite of master bow players, this organic-fiber blend must be experienced to believe.

Connection and Response

Breakthrough In-Touch™ Technology showcases unidirectional carbon fibers running without interruption from button to tip. Advanced bi-lateral positioning of high-sensitivity fibers connects the player precisely to the tip and transmits their energy directly to the music. This naturally elegant architecture enhances lateral stability, offers superior tracking, and gives exceptional response. More supple than its Diamond cousins, the Marquise GS appeals most to players seeking a bow experience in the finest French tradition.


GlobalBow® designation ensures that the Marquise GS contains no endangered, monitored, or regulated species (wildlife or fauna) and can pass worry-free through international Customs. Materials Declaration Certificate available. Perfect for any travelling player; never leave home without it.

Beauty and Stewardship

XEBONY® is a beautiful solution to the world's endangered supply of instrument-grade ebony. Comprised of organic fibers and resin, XEBONY® boasts a rich luster and natural grain that impresses players and bow makers alike.  Stronger and more durable than natural ebony, XEBONY® offers improved performance while conserving our endangered resources.


Limited lifetime warranty is included with your purchase of the Marquise GS bow. Please registrer your bow right away at


Each Marquise GS features its own unique identification number.  When registered by the original owner with our workshop, this identification number will activate the lifetime warranty, and entitle the original owner to a full complement of priority workshop services, including rehairing, model upgrades, and customization.

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