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Dogal Electrosound Violin 5-string Set

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Dogal Strings in Italy worked closely with Carlo Cantini to develop the Dogal Electrosound strings specifically to work with his new Earphonic and older Sonplus violins. These are now the strings that come standard on all Cantini electric violins. Some of our customers have reported that only the original stock strings give even output across all the string on the Cantini ISSP bridge, so we are now carrying the Dogal Electrosound strings in stock.

The Dogal Electrosound strings are made in Italy, and were developed in direct collaboration with Carola Cantini to be the new "stock" strings that come on all new Cantini electric violins. We initially reported that you could replace the strings on Cantini violins with Helicores (or whatever you like) when you needed to change the strings, but we've had several customers report uneven output from the Cantini ISSP across the strings when they use anything other than the standard strings that come on the instrument. As a result, we are now carrying the Dogal Electrosound strings in stock.

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