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Electro-Harmonix STRING9 String Ensemble pedal

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Be your own string section! The String9 pedal from EHX let's you transform your solo tone into nine different string ensemble and string synthesizers sounds. Great for use in loop textures, for home studio recording projects, and for making yourself even an more valuable contributor to any live band.

The polyphonic STRING9 String Ensemble transforms your signal into nine different string ensembles and string synthesizers while requiring zero modifications, special pickups, or MIDI implementation. It relies on the same technology powering all EHX 9 Series pedals. In a 9 Series first, the STRING9 includes the signature EHX Freeze effect on 3 of the presets to sample and hold notes and chords with infinite sustain.


  • Simulates nine string ensemble and string synthesizer sounds
  • Tracks impeccably and works without modificationss, special pickups or MIDI implementation
  • Independent Effect and Dry volume knobs let you precisely control your mix at the Effects output
  • Controls 1 and 2 have been designed to adjust specific parameters for each of the nine programs
  • Dry output jack outputs the input signal at unity gain
  • Compact, rugged, easy to use
  • Power adapter included
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.75" x 4" x 2.25"


  1. SYMPHONIC -- An emulation of a large symphonic orchestra. The bottom guitar strings produce a lower octave for a full sound.
    • CTRL 1 is a tone control. As you turn CTRL 1 CW, the effect gets brighter. As you turn CTRL 1 CCW, the effect goes darker.
    • CTRL 2 adjusts sustain/release time. Sustain/release is the time it takes for the effect to fade out after stopping your notes. As CTRL 2 is turned CW, the fade-out time increases. The sustain/release effect is similar to reverb, but it controls fade-out volume instead of a reverb tail.
  2. JUNE-O -- A string sound inspired by the classic polyphonic analog synths of the early 80s.
    • CTRL 1 is a tone control.
    • CTRL 2 is an octave switch, selecting between 5 octaves.
  3. PCM -- A smaller studio string section, as heard on vintage digital keyboards.
    • CTRL 1 is a tone control.
    • CTRL 2 adjusts vibrato depth. As you turn CTRL 2 clockwise, the vibrato depth increases. Turn CTRL 2 fully CCW to bypass vibrato.
  4. FLOPPY -- Emulation of the 1960's and 70's mechanical string machines like the Mellotron® and Orchestron®. Orchestron® used optical floppy discs.
    • CTRL 1 is a tone control.
    • CTRL 2 is sustain/release time.
  5. AARP -- Emulation of the much-loved Arp® Solina string synthesizer.
    • CTRL 1 adjusts Small Stone Phase Shifter speed. As you turn CTRL 1 clockwise, modulation speed increases. Turn CTRL 1 fully CCW to bypass the phase shifter.
    • CTRL 2 is sustain/release time.
  6. CREWMAN -- Emulation of the classic Crumar® Performer analog string and brass synthesizer.
    • CTRL 1 sets filter envelope sweep time and direction. When CTRL 1 is set within its counterclockwise range, it will adjust the attack time of the filter sweep; when set clockwise, beyond “noon,” it controls the decay time of the filter sweep. For either section of CTRL 1, sweep time gets faster as the knob is turned clockwise.
    • CTRL 2 is sustain/release time.
  7. ORCH FREEZE -- An orchestra sound with Freeze effect.
    • CTRL 1 is a tone control.
    • CTRL 2 selects between Auto Freeze and Manual Freeze modes. Set CTRL 2 any- where in its counterclockwise half to select Auto Freeze. Set CTRL 2 anywhere in its clockwise half to select Manual Freeze.
  8. SYNTH FREEZE -- A string synthesizer with Freeze effect.
    • CTRL 1 is a tone control.
    • CTRL 2 selects between Auto Freeze and Manual Freeze modes.
  9. VOX FREEZE -- Mellotron® choir and strings with Freeze effect.
    • CTRL 1 adjusts the speed of the Small Stone Phase Shifter effect.
    • CTRL 2 selects between Auto Freeze and Manual Freeze modes.

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