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EVL Dragonfly 6-string electric violin with Barbera pickup

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The Dragonfly solid body electric violin from Electric Violin Lutherie has a sleek, chambered body design that is engineered for light weight, balance, and tone. 6-string configuration adds a low C and low F string, allowing you to cover viola range and taking you deep into cello range (the F-string is a 4th above cello's low C). A Barbera multi-transducer pickup bridge provides a rich, full amplified sound, with a powerful output signal great for use with high-gain effects and in high-volume settings.

Whether you're searching for cool looks, lightweight comfort, or great natural tone, the EVL Dragonfly makes an excellent choice. This headless violin comes with Hipshot machine tuners for easy, stable tuning and a lighter feel. The lower bout accommodates a standard violin shoulder rest.

A highly sought-after professional quality pickup, the Barbera bridge integrates separate transducers for each string. Barbara bridges produce exceptional tone with strong, balanced output. Great for "clean" acoustic styles, and ideal for use with high-gain effects or in high-volume settings. The Dragonfly is one of the most affordable Barbera-powered electric violins on the market, and one of the most affordable 6-string violins on the market!


  • Barbera pickup
  • Hipshot machine tuners
  • Sensicore Super-Sensitive strings
  • Center mount chin rest
  • Economy hard shell shaped case included

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