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EVS Bolt carbon fiber violin bow

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Electric Violin Shop is proud to present our own brand of affordable carbon fiber bows. The EVS Bolt violin bow is an excellent bow at this price point, performing like wood bows costing two to three times as much while offering a level of consistency that's not possible with natural materials. The balance and feel of these bows is excellent, and tone production is strong and full.

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The newest addition to the Electric Violin Shop brand is an affordable carbon fiber bow that offers amazing performance for a violin bow in this price range. This is a true carbon fiber violin bow, not a mixture of graphite and fiberglass like a lot of the other entry-level bows that are comparable in price. The EVS Bolt carbon fiber violin bows are very well-made, nicely cambered with a well-shaped head. These bows offer performance similar to wood bows costing two to three hundred dollars, and a level of consistency that's nearly impossible to achieve with wood, due to the varied qualities of natural materials. The EVS Bolt violin bow feels light and quick in the hand, draws an excellent tone from both acoustic and electric violins, and generally plays much better than you'd expect from such an affordable bow. The non-braided graphite Bolts are a satin black, and Electric Violin Shop is stamped in white on the stick above the frog.

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