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Glasser AE 4-String Carbon Composite 4/4 Acoustic-Electric Cello Outfit, Orange

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The Glasser carbon composite acoustic-electric cello is a great option for players who want the best of both worlds -- a big, rich acoustic tone, and the option to plug in and amplify so you can be heard in situations where your acoustic alone isn't quite enough volume.

Available in several other subtle colors options, one thing to like about this warmly orange tinted version is that from a slight distance it could easily be mistaken for richly varnished spruce and maple, due to the cross hatched light and dark fibers. With this cello you'll fit in both visually AND tonally in your orchestra's cello section, and after rehearsal you can plug in and crank up the volume on stage or in the recording studio.

The precision-engineered carbon fiber body provides excellent acoustic tone and projection while being much more durable and impervious to climatic changes than wooden cellos. Advanced onboard electronics make it a pro-level amplified instrument.

This cello outfit includes a high quality Glasser braided carbon fiber cello bow and a nice Jacob Winter padded cello gig bag. Features a Schatten bridge-integrated pickup that connects to the Swordtail active tailpiece with Bartolini preamplifier, volume and tone controls, and integrated 1/4" output jack. In spite of being quite souped up electronically, it's all very discreet, allowing you to fit in classically on the sly.


  • Schatten bridge-integrated pickup
  • Glasser 'Swordtail' active tailpiece system
    • Powered by Bartolini pre-amplification
    • integrated volume and tone controls
    • Integrated 1/4" output jack
  • Set up with Larsen Magnacore strings
  • Planetary Tuning Pegs (geared tuners)
  • Glasser carbon fiber endpin

Outfit includes:

  • Glasser AE Cello
  • Glasser braided carbon fiber bow
  • Padded cello gig bag (cello also fits in any standard cello case)
  • Glasser house rosin

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