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Glasser AE Carbon Fiber Acoustic-Electric 16-inch Viola, Orange

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Glasser AE carbon composite acoustic-electric viola has a big, rich acoustic tone, and the option to plug in and amplify so you can be heard in situations where your acoustic alone isn't quite enough volume. This well-made, attractive instrument has a really good acoustic sound and excellent amplified tone.

This 16" carbon fiber viola body is exceptionally well-made and unplugged has a clear, strong tone. Carbon fiber can't have the "woody" sound of your regular acoustic viola, but Glasser has done a great job with the materials so that this viola doesn't have the nasal tone that you occasionally hear from some instruments made from synthetic materials.

The Glasser AE really shines when plugged in. It features active electronics, developed in partnership with Bartolini. The Glasser Swordtail active system features a volume knob on the tailpiece, and a dual bass/treble tone control and and 1/4" output jack built into the chin rest.
 The incorporated preamp gives this viola a strong, rich amplified tone and the acoustic body lends it complexity.

The Glasser viola does not include a bow or case. You may optionally add a case, a bow, or both case and bow by selecting an outfit option before adding it to your cart.

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