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B-STOCK Glasser AEX 4-string Carbon Composite Acoustic-Electric Violin, Silver Metallic

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The Glasser AEX carbon composite acoustic-electric violin has a sophisticated active pickup system, featuring electronics by Bartolini, with a bass/treble tone built into the chin rest and a volume knob on the tailpiece. This b-stock silver 4-string is available for $120 off the regular price because of two minor finish blemishes: a paint drip on the C bout near the bass side f-hole, and a tiny chip on the back (see images).

Glasser AEX violins are a great option for players who want the best of both worlds -- a big, rich acoustic tone, and the option to plug in and amplify so you can be heard in situations where your acoustic alone isn't quite enough volume. These are well-made, attractive instruments with a really good acoustic sound and excellent amplified tone.

State of the art electronics by Bartolini connect to the Glasser Swordtail active system, with a volume knob on the tailpiece, and a dual bass/treble tone control and and 1/4" output jack built into the chin rest.

The AEX violin uses a paint/dye coating system to provide a bold, distinctive, slightly pearlescent color to the body of the instrument. A black outline provides great contrast.
The instrument comes set up with Larsen strings and Perfection Planetary Pegs. Perfection Pegs were invented to prevent the problem of slipping or stuck pegs. These innovative pegs save time on tuning and increase the musical potential of your instrument.


  • Bartonlini active electronics powered by 2 AAA (included)
  • Glasser Swordfish tailpiece with volume knob
  • 1/4" jack built into integrated chin rest
  • Active bass and treble control knobs on chin rest
  • Larsen strings
  • Perfection Planetary Pegs for easy, fast tuning and stability
  • Carbon fiber bridge
  • Carbon fiber sound post

The Glasser violin does not include bow or case You may optionally add a case, a bow, or both case and bow by selecting an outfit option before adding to cart.

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