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Headway The Band cello pickup

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There is no easier pickup solution than "The Band" pickup from Headway. Simply strap it snugly around the lower bout, plug into the 1/4 inch jack, and be heard!

Cello Band is an acclaimed instant-fit pick-up which Velcro's to itself around the the body of the instrument. It requires no instrument alterations, therefore there is no need to leave your instrument with a fitter, or to pay fitting charges. You also have the additional bonus of being able to easily remove it when required and swap between instruments. The Band generates a strong passive (no batteries required) signal, which can be plugged straight into a mixing desk or combo amp. The multiple pick-up elements, are tuned specifically for cello and require little equalisation in many situations. The highly popular Cello Band is ideally suited for fast, easy access to warm amplified sounds and is a keen favourite with sound engineers and a wide range players alike. Feedback rejection is way better than via microphones, yet instant plug in tone is far superior to that from competitors bridge pickups. The Band may also be practical to use in higher volume situations, such as with big stage monitors and in rock music, where careful attention is paid to signal processing. The Band pickup is popular with classical players who may not have a dedicated electric instrument. The Band pickup attaches and detaches quickly and safely from the lower bout of the cello without the need to modify the instrument in any way.

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