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Helicore Octave Violin String Set, 4/4 Size, Medium

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Pitched a full octave below the traditional violin range, D'addario's Helicore Octave strings let you indulge your bass-er tendencies, getting within a fifth of the bottom of the cello range. That juicy lower register can quickly become addictive, as you explore laying down bass lines and reproducing those deep, soulful notes that are usually reserved for the cello.

How low can you go? Not quite to the full range of the cello, but awfully close, nonetheless!

String your violin with D'addario's Helicore Octave strings, and the rich, soulful low notes of a legato cello line will be easily within your reach. The body of an acoustic violin is to small to really do these strings justice, but with an electric or acoustic/electric, the pickup and amp are doing the heavy lifting, so all you have to worry about is learning to think lower, play lower, and indulge your bass-er tendencies.

These strings are substantially thicker than any string producing the usual pitches of the violin, so slight adjustments to your violin may well be necessary. In particular, the string slots of the bridge and nut will need to be wider, and the string holes in your pegs will have to be drilled out slightly, to accommodate the thicker strings, especially the octave G and D.

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