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ISI Aceto/Violect Deluxe Pickup for Violin (unterminated)

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Ithaca Stringed Instruments luthier Eric Aceto has a long-standing reputation for excellent amplified tone. The Aceto/Violect Deluxe pickup is a redesign of his revered standard pickup, with a narrower foot width and more solid structure in order to faithfully preserve the character and projection of your acoustic instrument. The result is a pickup that provides an amplified tone that's impressively close to the sound of your acoustic violin, but has practically zero effect on the acoustic sound of your instrument when you play “unplugged.”

The ISI Aceto/Violect Deluxe Pickup provides exceptional amplified tone, with negligible effect on your instrument's acoustic sound.

The ISI Deluxe pickup is built in two pieces, allowing for precise placement of the pickup elements. Separate piezoelectric sensors (one each for the treble and bass feet) are built into the base of the bridge, and the top portion secured by mortise and tenon, using only well-aged Bosnian maple and high quality bridge blank. This gives the ISI Deluxe Violin Pickup its more solid structure, without compromising either the amplified or the acoustic tone of your violin.

Like all permanent/bridge replacement pickups, the ISI Deluxe violin pickup must be properly fitted to your violin. In order to get the most from your ISI Deluxe violin pickup, we recommend having it fitted by a trained professional.

This version of the ISI Deluxe Violin Pickup is unterminated, and does not include an output jack. If you need one, you can order a Carpenter Jack, here.

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