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KNA Pickups VC-1 cello pickup

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The KNA VC-1 cello pickup is a natural-sounding, relatively low-cost way to electrify an acoustic cello. The transducer element temporarily attaches to the bridge without leaving any marks on the bridge. Output signal is strong enough that no external preamp is needed.

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The KNA transducer element attaches to the bridge and is held in place by a wooden nut, which allows the pickup to be mounted securely without leaving any marks on the bridge. There is also a cork pad on the back of the transducer which aids in protecting the bridge.

The sound is very natural, albeit biased slightly toward the midrange, and the output is fairly strong for a passive transducer system. Players can adjust the tone of the pickup by mounting the element in different positions on the bridge, and are encouraged to do so in order to optimize their amplified sound.

This pickup system includes a standard 1/4" plug and velcro fastener for attaching to the tailpiece.

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