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KNA VV-wi wireless violin / viola pickup

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Improving on our all-time best-selling pickup, the KNA VV-wi is a bridge-mounted piezo pickup with built-in wireless capability and volume control for violin or viola.

KNA's innovative approach enables violin and viola players to have freedom of movement while bringing the natural tone of their instrument to an amplifier or mixer. The system includes a rechargeable transmitter and receiver, and everything needed to plug in and play.

Integrated wireless system

KNA VV-Wi incorporates a wireless signal transmission for a reliable, stable and cable-free connection to an amplifier, mixer or audio interface. The built-in UHF transmitter offers performers a high-fidelity sound with the ability to move around the stage freely.

Optional wired connection

For the studio or other times when a wireless connection isn’t needed, VV-Wi plugs in with a regular 1/8″ audio cable.

Safe installation

Mount the pickup jack housing on the lower bout, just below the waist on the 4th (G) string side of your instrument. Adjust the height of the barrel clamps to tighten the pickup to the instrument.

Onboard Volume Control

Players can control their output signal onstage or in the studio by clicking the onboard "+" and “-“ buttons.

Wooden transmitter housing and sensor

The transmitter housing is encased in laminate birch with an elegant and stylish mahogany top. The piezo sensor has a lightweight wooden casing to achieve maximum tonal sensitivity.

Natural sound

VV-Wi has a passive piezo design that reproduces the instrument's authentic voice.

Great compatibility with many sizes of violin and viola

The pickup comes with additional barrels for attaching the transmitter housing to larger violin and viola bodies.

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