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Kun collapsible violin shoulder rest, 4/4

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The Kun collapsible violin shoulder rest is adjustable in three directions, and the end members are fitted with a patented locking device to ensure that it will not fully rotate to touch the instrument. The feet fold down for easy storage on this extremely comfortable, contoured, low-profile shoulder rest.

.The Kun shoulder rest works well with most electric violin models including all Yamaha models, the Wood Violins Stingray, Barcus Berry, the Fourness Fuse and Skyinbow. We do not strongly recommend it for use with Bridge model violins, although it can be made to work with slight modification. Bridge violin owners are recommended to try Wolf Primo or Wolf Secondo shoulder rests instead (the 'Secondo' is contoured similarly to the Kun shoulder rest, if a contoured design is your preference).

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