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Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless System

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Plug-in and play! The Line 6 Relay G10 wireless system avoids all the hassles of more complicated wireless systems while delivering amazing and reliable wireless signal strength on stage. The small bud-style transmitter is lightweight and plugs directly into the body of the instrument, making it the ideal wireless for bowed string players.


  • 24-bit uncompressed digital transmission provides best-in-class sound quality
  • Rechargeable transmitter provides up to 8 hours playing time per charge
  • Sleep mode is activated after 4 minutes without any audio input to extend the battery life. The transmitter “wakes up” automatically when the instrument is played.
  • No setup required--Relay G10 automatically selects the best channel
  • Transmitter is activated automatically when you plug in to an output jack, eliminating annoying pops when you plug in your instrument



  • Standard 1/4" instrument plug allows you to connect to and switch between most instruments with standard output jacks.*
  • Actuator pin automatically activates the transmitter when plugged into instrument, eliminating annoying pops or the need to mute the line.
  • Included right angle adapter (see image) allows you to angle the transmitter for convenience depending on your instrument's output jack location, and also enables the G10 to work with Bridge Violins.


  • Mini USB--Use for primary DC (5VDC /1A) power and for firmware updates
  • Output A – ¼" unbalanced, full performance output intended to drive an amplifier, stomp box or multi-effects input
  • Output B – XLR balanced, full performance output intended to connect to a mixing console, PA system or audio interface

LED Indicators


    • Green when in guitar: On
    • Red flashing when in guitar: Less than 30 minutes battery life left
  • Green when docked: Fully charged
  • Green flashing when docked: Charging
  • Red flashing when docked: Less than 30 minutes battery life left


  • White solid: On and connected to G10 transmitter OR charging docked G10 transmitter
  • White flashing: No signal from G10 transmitter
  • Red flashing: Less than 30 minutes battery life left on a transmitter that is in use and transmitting, and not for a transmitter that is docked/charging.

Included in the box

  • Relay G10T Guitar Transmitter
  • Relay G10R Receiver
  • USB-A to Micro-USB cable
  • Universal USB Power Supply (5V-1A) kit with international AC adapter kit.
  • Quick Start Manual, Warranty and End User License Agreement

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