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Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless System

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This easy-to-use, lightweight digital wireless system is designed to give you the same quality of tone you get with a good instrument cable, while giving you the freedom to move around on stage or off up to 100 feet! The G30 includes a 1.5 foot cable -- most violinists will want to add a 3 foot cable.

The G30 digital wireless is body-pack style wireless transmitter which works well with bowed instruments and is easy to set up and use. It includes a smaller-than-cellphone-sized transmitter (TBP06) and a slightly larger receiver (RXS06); you simply connect the transmitter with the included short instrument cable to your instrument (2 feet; some players may want to order one of our 3 or 5 foot basic instrument cables for a bit more wiggle room) and connect the receiver to the amplifier, mixer, or PA system you are using. Then choose one of six frequencies, and start playing wirelessly!

The LED display on the transmitter makes it easy to read on stage and check battery life, and it has a belt clip on the back to secure it when playing. A power supply / AC adaptor is included, though it can run on batteries only if you prefer. 24-bit digital conversion and FCC compliant, can be used around the world. 10 Hz- 20kHz frequency response, 118 dB dynamic range, and signal protection technology built-in. 6 use-selectable channels and 100-foot range.

System Specs

Latency <2.9ms (RF2 mode)
Frequency Response 10Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic Range >118dB
RF Carrier Frequency 2.4GHz
Operating modes RF1, RF2
Compatible Channels Up to 6
Frequency Scanning No
Support for Multiple Transmitters/Instruments Manual Channel Switch
Transmission Range Up to 100 feet line-of-sight (may vary)

Transmitter Specs

Input Impedance 1.3 M-Ohm
Connector 1/4-inch unbalanced input
Controls Power On/Off, Channel Select
LED Display Power Audio Status
Battery Life Approx. 8 hours (2xAA alkaline batteries)
Sleep Mode No

Receiver Specs

Connections 1/4-inch output
LED Displays Power On, Data Link, Audio Status
Controls Channel Select, Cable Tone
Power 9VDC 500ma Barrel Connection
Power Supply DC-1g power supply (9VDC)

FCC Approved, no user-license required

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