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NS Design CR6 6-string Electric Cello, Custom Poplar Burl finish

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The NS Design CR6 6-string cello gives you the ultimate versatility - high E and low F strings! All NS cellos have separate volume, bass, and treble controls and a three-position arco/blend/pizzicato switch for sound flexibility. Headphone jack for silent practice. Great tone quality and easily poratble.

This cello has one of NS Design's custom finishes, available only on the top-of-the-line CR-series instruments. Poplar burl is a luxury wood veneer that show fine grain texture and has a very decorative figure. Burls are a small type of wood figure, which makes possible to use this veneer for small pieces and decorative details--perfect for showing off on the otherwise the minimalistic NS Design!


  • SOLID MAPLE BODY AND NECK: The CR Cello is crafted of European maple, with a flame maple face. This solid-body design develops a rich multi-dimensional tone free from the constraints inherent in an acoustic instrument. The traditional cello scale length and neck shape have a familiar feel, while the small body allows full access to the upper register. Brass escutcheon pin on the rear of the neck serves as a reference point corresponding to the heel of an acoustic cello. Solid construction provides structural stability to resist changes in temperature and humidity.
  • FINGERBOARD: The fingerboard is expertly graduated with an asymmetric profile to insure that each note is even and buzz free. An adjustable truss rod allows for precise relief adjustment for different strings and playing style. A cascading dot pattern across the neck provides an accurate reference for position.
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: The Polar bridge-mounted piezo pickup system responds selectively to either vertical vibration (for the sustained plucked sound, like an electric bass guitar), or lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound).
  • ACTIVE ELECTRONICS: The dual mode preamp allows the player to choose between two very distinct tone qualities. The first mode delivers the full frequency response of modern low impedance electronics, for a rich, full-blown "electric" sound. The second is balanced to produce the frequency response of the traditional cello, for a more "acoustic" sound. A three-way toggle switch allows the player to select the desired pickup and electronics options. Additional controls include volume and individual bass EQ & treble EQ controls.


LENGTH: 94 cm (37")

WIDTH: 14 cm (5.5")

THICKNESS: 9.5 cm (3.75")

WEIGHT: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.)

SCALE LENGTH: 69.5 cm (27.36"")

STRING SPACING: 7.1 cm (2.8") at bridge; 3.3 cm ( 1.3") at nut

ELECTRONICS: Volume, balance control for pickup selection, toggle switch for Polar system, bass and treble controls. 18-volt active circuit by EMG™ with an internal headphone amp / circuit. Mono output.

CONTROLS: (top to bottom)

  • Volume
  • Treble EQ
  • Switch for Polar pickup:
    up - pizzicato (vertical vibration)
    center - Pure Preamp Arco - Electric tone
    down - arco (lateral vibration)
  • Bass EQ

HEADPHONE JACK: 1/8" headphone jack for silent practice and self-monitoring.

TRUSS ROD: Neck relief is adjustable above the nut located with hex wrench.

TUNING MACHINES: Premium grade, fully encased worm gear tuners; black finish.

6 string tuning: F C G D A E

STRINGS: NS Electric Cello Strings supplied; the NS is designed to fit and is compatible with most standard strings.

TRIPOD STAND: A fully adjustable tripod stand comes standard with the CR Series Cello.

GIG BAG: The standard gig bag with handle and shoulder strap, has a padded inner case for the instrument and a zipper pouch for the tripod stand. It also has a bow compartment and storage pocket with room for accessories. 99 cm (39") long; 18 cm (7") in diameter. Loaded weight is 5 kg (11 lbs.), including stand. Fits in the overhead luggage compartment of most commercial aircraft.

5-year NS Design Warranty

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