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NS Design WAV violin, custom purple metallic

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This beautiful metallic purple NS Design electric violin is everything we already love about the WAV, in a gorgeous custom finish. This instrument has the same great amplified tone and exceptional ergonomics that have made the WAV a favorite with our customers for years.

After offering test runs of different custom colors over the years, NS Design asked Electric Violin Shop if we'd like to pick out some custom colors, and offer them to our customers. Naturally we jumped at the opportunity, so now you have four exclusive WAV violin colors to choose from!

If you're a fan of medium to light purple hues and shimmering metallic finishes, this is WAV for you. It's everything that we (and our customers!) have loved about the WAV since they were first introduced, but it's even more gorgeous in this shimmering light purple metallic finish.

The NS Design WAV violins have the same shape and exceptional ergonomic feel as the CR series violins made in the Czech Republic. The biggest difference is that the WAV violin is passive - they do not have a 9 volt battery-powered preamp like those made in the Czech Republic. This makes them lighter in weight. There is a volume control and single tone knob.

Tone is outstanding for its price range because it also uses Ned's patented Polar® pickup. The WAV violin uses the same easily adjustable and ergonomic shoulder pad system as the NS Design CR violins, and the upper bout is removable for lightning-fast shifts up the fingerboard.

An NS Design-branded custom-fitted case is included, at no additional charge.

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