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OpenFabPDX Modular Fiddle Acoustic-Electric 4-String, grey and blue, with LR Baggs bridge

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This 4-string acoustic-electric Modular Fiddle build from David Perry at OpenFabPDX is entirely 3D printed. Its acoustic sound is muted and dark, and pairs well with an LR Baggs pickup bridge to produce a rich signal. The instrument is also unique in its modularity, allowing individual parts to be easily replaced or customized at any time.

This 4-string acoustic-electric Modular Fiddle build from David Perry at OpenFabPDX is entirely 3D printed. The 3D printed parts undergo a secondary process (he puts them in an oven) to add stiffness, durability, and resistance to high temperatures. The body is made from a carbon fiber reinforced biopolymer and none of the printed plastics are derived from petroleum sources.

The material choice and the innovative 3D printed body design give the instrument great response and an even tone across all frequencies. The acoustic sound is muted and dark, well suited for a campfire or a living room, and the LR Baggs bridge pairs well to amplify the acoustic tone into a rich signal. David built this one with Warchal Brilliant strings and an Evah Pirazzi E to bring a hint of brightness.

The instrument is also unique in its modularity. Should any part break, it is easily replaced and can be user serviced. In addition, the instrument can be upgraded by the player or sent back to David for a remix or upgrade.


  • 3D Printed PLA and carbon fiber PLA construction
  • Fully annealed parts for durability and resistance to heat and humidity
  • Perfection geared pegs
  • Warchal Brilliant lower strings, Evah Pirazzi E
  • LR Baggs bridge

Fits in standard violin cases (sold separately).


Why go modular?

Modular Fiddles by OpenFabPDX have a unique build composed of 3D printed parts that are interconnected and interchangeable, meaning no matter which model you buy, you can request customized parts for your instrument. To do this, simply get in touch with David Perry of OpenFabPDX. Here are some of the ways modular customization can be useful...

  • Fine-Tune Your Setup

    A violin is such an intimate instrument. We all have different preferences in terms of neck shape and size, string spacing, action, and other ergonomics. And if you add a fifth string this gets even more complex and important!

  • Swap out Acoustic-Electric and Solid-Body Electric

    Let’s say you have an acoustic-electric Modular Fiddle, and you would really like to get a totally feedback-free instrument for your increasingly loud and distorted gigs. Or maybe you’d like a quieter instrument for apartment practice. You can also swap the other direction — if you’d like to get more acoustic volume from your instrument you can swap your solid-body for an acoustic-electric. No other parts need to change! No matter the reason, swapping out bodies is the easiest way to remix your Modular Fiddle.

  • Upgrade your Modular Fiddle Body for a New Style or Color

    All color and shape options are built to fit, so that you can swap for a new design or appearance down the line.

  • Change your 4-String to a 5-String

    Did you buy a 4-string, but now you're 5-string curious? You can make your 4-string Modular Fiddle into a 5-string by replacing the pegbox, neck, bridge, and tailpiece

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