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Pro-Co WIEMS Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System

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Pair the Pro-Co Sound's WIEMS Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System with any commercially available earbuds or in-ear headphones for a great low-latency, in-ear monitoring that's easy to use, all at a price that won't break the bank. A fully digital 24 bit 48kHz system, WIEMS has four selectable RF channels, lasts between six and eight hours when fully charged, and offers a line of site range just shy of 100 feet.

For budget-conscious musicians looking for affordable, high-quality digital monitoring for concerts and events, Pro-Co Sound's WIEMS system offers a wireless in-ear monitoring system that's as easy on the wallet as it is to use.

Pro-Co's in-ear monitoring system comes in a convenient zippered case with with cut-outs in the foam padding for the receiver, the transmitter, and the 1-port USB wall plug. Pro-Co also supplies a USB-A Y cable with dual micro USB connectors, so you can charge the transmitter and receiver's internal lithium-ion batteries simultaneously. Two hours gives you a full charge, good for six to eight hours of playing time. Since they arrive already paired, once they're fully charged all you have to do is turn on the transmitter and receiver.

The transmitter takes its line-level monitor mix directly from the board via an integrated balanced XLR connector. Efficiently converting the analog signal (latency is less than 6 ms), the transmitter then sends the digital signal via one of four manually selectable 5.8GHz wireless channels to the WIEMS system's receiver. The receiver's 3.5mm output lets you use choose from the vast selection of commercially available earbuds and in-ear headphones.

WIEMS transmits on the 5.8GHz channel, so there's less likelihood of interference, and has a line of site range just shy of 100 feet. If you do encounter interference, each WIEMS system offers four manually selectable preset frequencies.

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