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Schertler STAT-C pickup set for cello

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The STAT-C cello pickup sounds as if you're using a microphone on your cello, but liberates you from many of the hassles of a mic, like feedback. Because it is an electrostatic transducer, not a piezo, you get a warm accurate tone. It fits in the "eye" of your existing cello bridge. Strong output signal with the included preamp.

This electrostatic bridge-mounted transducer provides an amazingly natural sound for cello. Leave it to the Swiss to bring this quality of non-piezo sound into a reasonable price range. Includes a preamp with volume control and 1/4 inch output. Use the STAT-C instead of the Schertler DYN-C if you play in high amplification volume settings. The Schertler STAT-C requires a bit of simple fitting of the cork to fit into your bridge with sandpaper or a utility knife - a relatively easy procedure! And removes without a trace when you need to play acoustically.

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