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Spectra VLN2 Illuminated Electric Violin, Red

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Spectra VLN2 is a battery powered, illuminated electric violin which has advanced light control functions. It can statically light up the night, modulate to how you play it, and even allow for remote control to your light and sound board through its Bluetooth interface. How you employ the lights, is totally up to you!

VLN2 maintains the same passive piezo system as its predecessor, however this time with a dual element and quick disconnect system to allow the use of aftermarket pickups. The external control mode was converted from proprietary Bluetooth control to the more ubiquitous industry lighting standard DMX, with the inclusion of a 3-pin XLR port.


Spectra Model VLN2 User Manual PDF


  • Weight: 2 lbs. 4oz
  • Size: 4-string, 4/4 Violin
  • Pickup Type: Passive Piezo
  • Audio Output: 1⁄4 Mono Jack
  • Light Output: ~15 lumens (bright white setting, RGB combined)
  • Battery Life: 3-40 hours *
  • Input: Non-isolated DMX512

*Battery life dependent upon how lights are used and at what brightness level. For a fully charged Lithium Ion 9V 600mAh battery with 100% capacity, a minimum of 3 hours is expected when the violin is left on with bright white light. Typical DMX control mode use will achieve >6 hours of operation.

Light Modes

Mode 1 - Blackout: All LEDs are off.

Mode 2 - Static Color: Lights on the violin emit a static unmodulated color, with no reaction to how you play it. The color button changes colors, and the brightness button changes the brightness.

Mode 3 - Reactive Color: Lights on the violin emit a brightness modulated color according to the volume of playing. ‘Volume of playing’ is independent of the volume control, so the lights will modulate in the same way, no matter how loud your amplifier is operating.

Color is static, as in it doesn’t change with note you play, but can be changed with the color button. Maximum modulated brightness is controlled by the brightness button.

Mode 3 - Reactive Color with Backlight: Same as Mode 2, but there is a low-level backlight at all times. This mode is intended to make the modulation softer and less harsh on the eyes. Color and Brightness buttons act in the same manner as Mode 2.

Mode 4 - Temporal: transitions from low to high bowed or plucked amplitude will cause the lights on the violin to randomly switch to a different color.

Mode 5 - Time Cycle: the color of the instrument will randomly switch to a different color every 4 seconds.

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