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Spur Violins SA251 4-string semi-acoustic electric violin

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Using both traditional and contemporary materials and construction, the Spur SA251 was created with the express purpose of being amplified while maintaining the sonorous tone of a traditional violin. An attractive design evokes the streamlined characteristics of the late Deco style, with lovely contrasts between the woods of the body and those of the fingerboard & fittings.

Made in Australia from beautiful and sustainable materials, the Spur SA251 is a "semi-acoustic electric" violin, featuring a semi-hollow body and a single F-hole. The design creates a nice compromise between the more direct tone of a solid body violin and the open but more feedback-prone sound of an acoustic-electric violin. The Spur produces a bright violin sound, replete with sonorous overtones and ideal for solo playing that soars over a mix, while sounding wonderfully violinistic.


  • Narrow ribs and flat back to reduce internal air volume producing a focused and controllable amplified sound.
  • Single sound hole to minimise feedback
  • Patented sound post pickup (passive) being the optimal position for capturing the full dynamic range and response of vibration enabling similar Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release as a traditional violin. NB: Soundpost can be adjusted externally to precise torque settings for optimal performance.
  • Same dimensions as a traditional violin i.e. string length/ratio, fingerboard/bridge radius, body length, string spacing etc.
  • Modern aesthetic with a symmetrical body paying homage to the baroque design of a traditional violin while introducing a more modern visceral movement with asymmetrical compound curves on the tailpiece, sound hole, fingerboard and peghead that relate to the Spur logo.
  • “A” peg reinforcement to negate common cracking in the pegbox.
  • Designed by Paul Davies, who is a trained professional violin maker.

Set Up

  • Wittner fine tune pegs
  • Wittner Chinrest
  • Spur design bridge
  • Thomastik Alphayue strings


  • Built using a combination of traditional hand skills and modern manufacturing processes, including CAD/CAM, CNC and 3D printing ensuring the highest possible standards of tolerance and consistency.
  • Top plate and bass bar: Western Red Cedar
  • Neck, fingerboard, bridge & tailpiece: Hard Maple
  • Back plate, blocks and lining: Hoop Pine
  • Nut and Saddle: Black Resin
  • Cream plastic purfling
  • Birch laminate top, lower and corner blocks
  • Varnish: Nitro cellulose semi-gloss black (Back & ribs), semi-gloss clear top and neck/fingerboard.
  • Acrylic access panel on back plate

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