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Strikell electric violin

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Combining the beauty of natural woods with complex organic shapes created with a 3-D printer, the Strikell electric violin packs a powerful visual punch. The traditional violin shape receives an updated look, with a wooden central spine augmented by the elaborate honeycombed pattern of the 3-D printed body, with a tasteful and practical treble-side cutaway contour.

The Strikell's excellent amplified tone is provided by a Starfish Designs multi-transducer pickup bridge, giving this beautiful electric violin a warm, rich tone befitting its stunning good looks.

Strikell's Terra electric violin blends elaborate, honeycomb shapes crafted on a 3-D printer with attractive woods native to South America, combining them for a powerful visual punch that really catches the eye. It's the perfect combination of beautiful amplified sound and absolutely show-stopping looks

Running down the center of the instrument, the lighter, creamy yellow of guatambu makes a strong contrast to the parallel lines of guyabira. The warm red-browns of chancherana blend harmoniously into the coppery, slightly metallic color of the 3-D printed sections of the frame.

A Starfish Designs multi-transducer pickup bridge provides a rich, warm natural tone to match the Strikell Terra's alluring appearance.


  • Body and neck: A single piece laminated in Cancharana and Guatambú
  • Fingerboard: Guayubira wood with Ebony nut
  • Tailpiece: Wittner composite with fine tuners
  • Pickup: Starfish Design bridge
  • 3D Pieces in Bioplastics: Copper Biodegradable PLA


@stephanie.strings Probably my favorite-sounding violin of all of the ones I tried at @Electric Violin Shop ! @Strikell.Violins thank you for making these beautiful and environmentally friendly violins! One thing I would wish for is a volume knob since I often have to adjust volume quickly while playing wirelessly to adjust to different backing tracks. But truly this violin was an absolute privilege to play. #violin #productreview #strikellviolin #5stringviolin #electricviolinist #electricviolinshop #violins #coolviolin #musicalinstruments #violinreview #bestviolin #violinforyou #professionalviolin #professionalviolinist #neurodivergentviolinist #neurodivergentmusician #adhdmusician #musicnerdthings #stringmusician ♬ original sound - Stephanie Strings

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