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Thomastik Vision VI107MWC 7-String Viper Set

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This set of Thomastik-Infeld Vision violin strings is specially designed for 7-string Wood Violins Vipers. The B♭ string on the Viper set uses a cello ball end, rather than a smaller violin ball end.

This 7-string Vision violin set from Thomastik-Infeld is based on their popular 4-string Vision set, adding a standard violin C, F & B-flat string -- the B♭ string has a cello ball end that is compatible with the design of the Viper's tailpiece.

String Core Outer Material
E - Vl01 carbon steel tin plated
A - Vl02 synthetic aluminum
D - Vl03 synthetic aluminum
G - Vl04 synthetic aluminum
C - Vl05 synthetic aluminum
F - Vl06 synthetic aluminum
B ♭ - Vl07 synthetic aluminum

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