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Volta Custom Electric Violin with AUX IN, Looper, Reverb and Delay

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Different from its Violinatron cousins with built-in speakers, this Volta is more like a solid (albeit chambered) body electric in that it requires an amp to be heard. Its circuitry has built-in reverb and delay effects, plus looping and an auxiliary input, so you can play along to external tracks!

This Volta has built-in delay instead of reverb and a toggle switch to select between passive and active output signal. In active mode the built-in delay can be added to the signal coming from the jack output. This model has four knobs -- volume, mix, feedback and speed. The volume knob controls the pickup signal and the other three control delay effects. The delay effects range from nearly infinite repeats to super-short delay time, which sound like a metal tank reverb, and also self-oscilating/feedback.

The Volta features a chambered body design, which serves several purposes--it retains a traditional full violin shape while keeping weight to a minimum; it allows for acoustic resonance within the instrument, adding to the richness and complexity of the tone; it creates a closed resonating environment, which eliminates feedback, making this a great performance violin whether using the onboard speaker system or plugging into a loud PA and stage monitoring system.

The pickup system operates passively, allowing you to perform plugged in without relying on the battery. As a passive violin, D5 is compatible with bug-style wireless systems such as Line 6 G10 and BOSS WL-20.

A dart shaped violin case is included


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