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Volta Lumen 4-string hollow-body electric violin with LEDs

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The Lumen by Volta is a passive hollow-body electric violin with built-in LED lights lining the treble and bass side ribs of the instrument. The lights are adjustable - from solid to strobe - and are powered by a rechargeable battery. The violin has a nice amplified tone. The Galaxy Black finish adds to the sparkle of the lights with a glittering paint effect.

Volta is the brainchild of Russian-born classical violinist Marat Gabdullin, a professional symphonic violinist who also plays electric. While his Violinatron model instrumets are a unique hybrid violin with built-in speakers, this Lumen model features bridge white LED lights--a popular and sought-after feature for performing violinists wanting to up their stage presence without sacrificing tone or feel.

The tone from the piezo pickup system is quite nice and, while hollow bodied, the Lumen has no sound holes, making it feedback resistent. To color your clean sound just plug into any preamp, amp, or pedal board effects. The pickup system operates passively, allowing you to perform plugged in without relying on the battery. As a passive violin, Violinatron is compatible with bug-style wireless systems such as Line 6 G10 and BOSS WL-20.

A dart shaped violin case is included.

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