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Wood Violins Concert Deluxe 4-string, White

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Do no attempt to adjust your screen -- the top-of-the-line Wood Violins Concert Deluxe violin is now available in colors, and this brilliant white Concert Deluxe is a true standout. The Wood Violins Tru-Tone pickup gives it a strong, open tone, produced convincingly acoustic-sounding. Wittner FineTune planetary pegs make the Concert Deluxe a breeze to tune, and a black metal volume knob is conveniently located in the C bout. Pric includes a dart-shaped foam core case.

A white electric or acoustic-electric violin is a classic look, and this gorgeous new high-gloss white Concert Deluxe violin from Wood Violins is no exception. On a darkened stage or under bright stage lights, this Concert Deluxe is a true standout -- it's a whiter shade of awesome.

The Wood Violins Tru-Tone pickup system gives the Concert Deluxe a strong, open tone. It sounds convincingly like your acoustic violin, only louder, which makes it a great instrument for louder bands playing "acoustic" styles, like bluegrass, Celtic, or country.

The Concert Deluxe violins are equipped with the Wittner FineTune planetary pegs. They have the look of traditional friction pegs, but they don't react adversely to changes in temperature and humidity, so tuning is a breeze. The instrument has a black metal volume knob,conveniently located in the C bout, and and output jack is installed in the rib of the bass-side lower bout. Includes a dart-shaped foam core case.

Price includes a basic dart-shaped foam core case.

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