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Yamaha YSV104 SILENT Violin™

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The Yamaha YSV104 is an extremely lightweight Silent violin that incorporates a control box, allowing you practice through headphones. An AUX IN lets you play along with tracks.

NOTE: This instrument is not recommended for amplified playing. If you want a Silent instrument that can also be plugged in to an amp, we recommend the Yamaha SV-200, or add the Yamaha SessionCake SC-01 (headphone amp with AUX IN) to a Yamaha YEV or any other solid body instrument.


  • Light weight for a more seamless transition between acoustic and Silent/Electric models
  • Unprecedented sonic richness and tone with stunningly-clean reverb when played through headphones, while creating very little external sound
  • Incorporates the Yamaha SRT Powered system which simulates the natural sound and resonance of an acoustic violin by using samples recorded with microphones placed at the listener’s ears
  • Professional set-up with improved peg design, fingerboard manufacture and bridge placement
  • Available in Brown, Black and Red

Control Box:

In addition to a headphone jack and supplied earphone for private practice, the YSV104 has a AUX IN jack that can be directly connected to an external audio player or other source for play-along practice.

2 variations of sound type are provided.
ROOM: A combination of clear tone and short reverb that is ideal for practice.
HALL: Soft tone with medium reverb that can enhance playing enjoyment.

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