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ZETA Jazz Modern 16-inch VIOLA with MIDI OUT, spalted flamed maple

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This lovely viola features the somewhat unique combination of ZETA's Jazz-series pickup, engineered for extremely smooth tone and zero string cross talk, with their semi-hollow Modern-style body, designed for lightweight and physical familiarity. Adding to the uniqueness is the gorgeous book-matched top from tiger stripe flamed maple, contrasted dramatically by dark bolts of spalting.

The 'Modern' viola body is a lightweight semi-hollow construction. The extreme waist cutaways and a highly sculpted back relief contribute further to the overall lightweight design. With the key reference dimensions of a traditional acoustic viola, the Modern body style maintains the familiar viola positional cues.

The 'Jazz' Series pickup system is recognized for its clarity of tone without extraneous overtones, harmonics or noise. In analog output mode, using the 1/4" output jack for traditional electric amplification, the Jazz pickup produces a clear, clean and pure tone favored by artists worldwide. For MIDI applications, the signal from each individual string is totally separated and clear – an essential property necessary for the excellent MIDI tracking that Zeta is famous for.

The proprietary ZETA Jazz pickup system uses two directional piezo pickups per string. Set perpendicular to each other, the two piezos read the movement of the string at 90 degree angles, effectively cancelling out unwanted harmonics and bow noise. Each paired pickup wire is divided and run to separate internal gain controls so that the string level can be balanced for analog users, while allowing the output to be separated cleanly for MIDI applications.

Zeta’s proprietary internal active preamp system increases the power of the pickup signal from each individual string. This state-of-the-art system delivers a wide range of amplification flexibility, supporting a variety of tonal characteristics adaptable to diverse playing techniques and styles of music. An internal 9-volt battery provides over 1,000 hours of service on average.

Individual string digital outputs allow the use of each string as a separate MIDI channel. Players can access software notation programs and MIDI applications, using the output from the Jazz pickup to run to the MIDI controller. Whether used as an analog pickup or a digital MIDI pickup in conjunction with a MIDI Controller/Synthesizer, the Jazz pickup system provides the ultimate in clarity of string tone without feedback.

This viola comes with a ZETA padded case.

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