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Aurora Silhouette violin with acrylic frame and LEDs - 4 or 5 string, white or black

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With a warm, rich tone, the striking Aurora Silhouette electric violin is a more classical take on the idea of a clear acrylic body lit by on-board LEDs, retaining the outline of a traditional violin. Three colored LEDs let you illuminate your performance with your choice of seven lighting colors.

Want to wow an audience with a wild-looking violin without also answering the question "what instrument is that?" a thousand times? Well, there's nothing more recognizable than the outline of a violin shape, which the Aurora Silhouette gives you in the form of a clear acrylic frame. What's especially cool is that that you can light that frame with onboard LEDs!

The acrylic body is made from high quality cast plates. Each piece is cut, molded and hand carved, referring to the idea of a “polished jewel”, a sculpture in “crystalline ice”.

By combining the output of its three colored LEDs (red, blue, and green) the Silhouette allows you to illuminate its silhouette with your choice of seven different-colored lights, adding pop to your stage presence in low light and night-time performances. The thicker sides of the Silhouette's new, classical shape pick up and help defract the lights, for a dramatic look on darkened stages.

The Silhouette's proprietary twin-piezo pickup system provides a pleasing amplified tone that is warm and rich.

Features and Specs

  • Shape: Crystal Acrylic
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Body: Brazilian Marupá
  • Fingerboard: Brazilian Ironwood
  • Pegs: Ebony
  • Chin rests: Crystal Acrylic
  • Tailpieces: Crystal Acrylic
  • Dual piezzo transducer pickups integrated system
  • Passive high output gain
  • Blend controls and Volume out control
  • Natural warm sound
  • Electric Violin Shop includes a dart shaped hard shell case with the Aurora violins.

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