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Bridge Tasman 5-String Electro-Acoustic Violin

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The five-string Tasman electro-acoustic violin by Bridge Violins is an excellent alternative for players looking for top shelf tone at a more affordable price. Unplugged, the Tasman's acoustic sound is excellent, with plenty of color and warmth, a clear, pure high end, and decent projection. The Tasman's amplified tone is where this instrument really shines -- warm than the Golden Tasman, with less brilliance on the high end, with a rich and powerful output signal.

If you've been looking for exceptional tone in a five-string acoustic-electric violin, but the Bridge Golden Tasman 5 is outside of your budget, their Tasman 5-string electro-acoustic offers similar performance at a more affordable price. Its amplified tone has a nice warmth and darkness, with a powerful output and good resistance to feedback, it. Under the ear, the Tasman 5's sound is rich and warm, and with good projection for an acoustic-electric.

Construction of the Tasman is (for the most part) quite traditional. A top of tightly grained spruce and a highly figured maple back and side are finished in a golden oil varnish. That finish is artistically antiqued. There are two main departures from the look of a classical violin. The first will be familiar to anyone who's seen a Bridge violin. The shield (inspired by the 1710 Stradivari Viola da Gamba) that has become one of the company's trademark details sits atop the peg box, instead of a traditional scroll. To mark the electro-acoustic's dual nature, a lightning bolt inlay on the shield goes in place of the stylized lowercase "b" that marks their line of purely electric instruments.

A bigger departure, and one that's conceptually brilliant, is the placement of the Tasman's output jack. Recessed into the arch of the violin's back the inset output jack is a stroke of design genius. It allows any player, even traditional classical players who don't use a shoulder rest, to play the violin comfortably, as long as they use a cable with a straight (rather than right-angle) jack, solving a problem that players who don't use a shoulder rest quickly discover when they attempt to play certain acoustic-electric violins.


  • High quality spruce front and flamed maple back, with single black purfling and a lightly antiqued rich Venetian-style spirit varnish
  • Ebony fingerboard, nut, pegs, and endpin
  • Thomastik Dominant strings (or equivalent) for the G D A and E strings with a D'Addario Helicore C string
  • Lightweight alloy tailpiece, with integrated fine tuners
  • Ebony Guarneri style chinrest
  • 3V coin cell battery provides approximately 500 hours of playing time -- drains only while the jack is connected
  • Custom hardshell case is included



  • Body Length 356mm
  • Neck Stop 130mm
  • Body Stop 195mm

Set Up

  • Nut width 27mm
  • String spacing at nut 20mm
  • String spacing at bridge 39mm
  • Weight 550g approx


  • BRIDGE pickup Piezo Configuration
  • Active surface mount preamp
  • Instrument Output 200mV nominal
  • Load Resistance 10K Ohms minimum
  • Battery 1 x Lithium 3V CR2032
  • Battery Life approx. 500 playing hours

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