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Bridge Lyra Dragon Mallard Illusion 5-string electric violin

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The Bridge Lyra Dragon is a custom "hi-spec" 5-string model, equipped with Wittner Finetune geared pegs and upgraded electronics that use two coin-cell batteries. These upgrades over the standard model result in better balance across the instrument's range, noticeably stronger output, and more brilliance on the high strings without treble harshness, not to mention the amazing custom finish options, such as this one. This so-called 'Mallard Illusion' has a purple/green color shifting painted finish for which you'll have to see all the angles to believe!

Along with its glistening finish, tone is where the Lyra Dragon really shines. Not just louder, the Dragon-series violins sport beautiful, balanced tone. High-end brilliance can be a double-edged sword with many electric violins, riding a fine line between cutting through a mix and making ears bleed, but with the Bridge Dragon violins, that brilliant high end exhibits sparkling clear tone with a notable absence of any harshness.

Tuning is a breeze with the Wittner Finetune pegs, nearly making the fine tuners built into the Wittner composite tailpiece obsolete.

Includes a custom hard shell case and carbon composite bow. The bow is good to have on hand as a backup, but we strongly recommend an upgrade to a bow more worthy and complimentary of the Dragon violin, such as a CodaBow.


  • Slimline neck hand finished with Bridge's own recipe of oils and shellac for a smooth playing experience
  • Custom electronics that deliver greater clarity of tone
  • Custom pickup system designed for compatibility with the preamp circuit
  • High output generation utilizing a 6-volt coin cell battery configuration
  • uxiliary mini jack headphone output
  • Output compatible with all common wireless solutions, including those with bug transmitters.
  • Includes custom oblong case, with a black canvas cover, large music pocket, and 4 bow holders.

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