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Cantini Earphonic 5-String Electric Violin with MIDI, Red Elm Burl

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With its patented ISSP2 magnetic pickup system the Cantini Earphonic is a fabulous dual-purpose electric violin, with an analog output that works great with traditional amps & effects pedals and a MIDI output designed for compatibility with the Roland GR-55 Synth.

The Cantini's MIDI output is designed to work only with the GR-55, which can also be used as a recording interface. Its 8-pin MIDI output cannot be converted to use with a standard 5-pin MIDI input.

The Cantini Earphonic electric violin has an attractive, modern look, with a narrow-shouldered double cutaway design and a lower bout shape that will hold most standard shoulder rests. The Earphonic is a fabulous dual-purpose electric violin, with both analog and MIDI outputs.

The latest iteration Cantini pickup, the ISSP2 (Inductor-based Separate System Pickup), isolates each string’s vibrations and provides an even, balanced signal, making it ideal for MIDI output. The electronics were designed from the ground up for compatibility with the Roland GR-55, among the most popular MIDI controllers on the market. The Cantini Earphonic is one of only a few MIDI-capable violins compatible with the GR-55, and by far the most affordable.

The Earphonic's native MIDI compatibility is only with the GR-55. An 8-pin DIN locking collar to 13-pin DIN adapter cable is included. No adapter to standard 5-pin MIDI is currently available, and no 1/4" cable for analog output to an amplifier or mixing desk is included.

While the Earphonic excels at MIDI it is also a fantastic analog electric violin. Whereas most magnetic violin pickups result in a glassier tone, the ISSP2 combined with Cantini’s powerful onboard preamp has much of the warmth and response you’d expect from a good piezo-based pickup system. The Earphonic is not one of the most “natural” sounding violins, but its clean tone is excellent and, as a magnetic pickup, it sounds incredible with high-gain effects.

The ISSP2 pickup, which has a separate magnetic system for each string, requires steel strings with medium electric impedance and steel. The Earphonic comes with Galli Overture, and will also work well with D’Addario Helicon or NS Electric Strings. After changing strings you may need to individually balance the volume of each string using the adjustment screws on the back of the violin, since strings with different metal content may balance differently.

MIDI Tracking & Latency

To achieve good pitch-to-MIDI tracking it is very important to have a very clean playing style that prevents spurious sounds. Clean bow attacks and changes help the GR-55 interpret envelope. PCM sounds with the GR-55 have a very low latency: 0.7 ms max. Modeling Synth Sounds and other GR-55 sounds do not have any latency.

What’s Included

  • Special Cantini 8-to-13 pin MIDI cable
  • Electric Violin Shop supplies a basic violin case, free of charge.


Neck Hard Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Nut Ebony
Bridge Single Unit With ISSP2 Technology
Body Frame Fine Maple
Sound Board Active Preamp For Each String
Chin Rest Ebony
Tailpiece Special Aluminum Anodized
Tuning Pegs Ebony
Strings Compatible All Steel Strings
Aluminum and Silver strings are not compatible
Pickup Inductor Separate Sensor Pickup (ISSP2)
Separate magnetic pickup for each string
Connectors/Controls Master Volume
1/4” Out
Multi-pin MIDI Out
Power Supply 9Volt Battery (Without Gr-­55) or power from Roland Gr-­55
(Disconnect Jack Out When Not Using)
Violin String Length 328mm
Dimensions 24in(L) 8in(W) 2.8in(h) / 615mm(L) 205mm(W) 72m(H)
Weight 1lb. 7oz. / 650G

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