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Elvari 5-string electric violin, natural finish

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The Elvari is a professional-quality electric violin based on a 1713 Stradivarius violin. This unique instrument is handcrafted from spruce, maple and ebony by Sten Styrélius in Stockholm, Sweden. There is a label in the scroll with signature, year and number for each instrument. Elvari uses an uncolored varnish that will darken over time, adding character to it's tasteful appearance.

A Unique Pickup System

Unlike with many other electric violins, the Elvari pickup system is not built into the bridge. Instead, the maple bridge sits atop a tone plate made from fine alpine spruce wood. The string vibrations travel through the bridge and interact with the tone plate, which acts as the top plate of an acoustic violin. It’s carefully tuned and insulated with silicone. Their unique microphone system picks up the vibrations in the tone plate and sends them on to the amplifier. The enclosed contact mic picks up only physical vibrations and not airborne sounds, as a traditional microphone or even an acoustic violin with a pickup might.


At only ~ 500 grams, Elvari feels just like an acoustic violin. Despite the lightweight design, it is more robust than an acoustic and not as sensitive to changes in climate and humidity. Best of all, you can use your own shoulder rest and chin rest. (A Kaufman style chin rest is included.)

Practice Quietly

As a solid body design, the Elvari generates very little acoustical sound, making it a good instrument for quiet practice with, or without headphones. While the passive Elvari does not include a headphone output, you can plug it into any headphone amplifying device (e.g. headphone amp, practice amp, multi-fx pedal, recording interface) for an immersive, full-volume experience.

Wireless Performance

The discrete placement of the output jack hides a bug style wireless transmitter and puts the weight where it should be – on your shoulder. We recommend the Line 6 Relay G10, G10S, BOSS WL-20 or the Boss WL-50, all of which are perfectly compatible since the Elvari is a passive violin and therefore will not interfere with wireless signal.

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