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Realist RV5PeFA Pro Ac-El Violin with Instant Active, Frantique finish & Wittner Finetune Pegs

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What is the RV5PeFA? Let's break it down: Realist Violin, 5-strings, Pro model, electro-acoustic, 'Frantique' finish, Active preamp. Realist violins are known for their high quality acoustic bodies and cleverly integrated pickups and electronics. The Realist transducer produces a wonderful warm tone and, being embedded in the violin just beneath the feet of the bridge it gives a wonderfully balanced mix of string vibrations and body resonance. Realist Pro violins now feature 'Instant Active' technology, which includes a MiSi super capacitor-powered preamp that is rechargeable (not battery powered).

This Realist Violin Pro has the 'Frantique' finish, which is a warm, reddish gold over the close-grained spruce top and tightly-flamed maple of the back and sides. So as not to distract from the attractive look of the violin, the pickup is almost invisibly embedded into the top plate, just beneath the bridge, the tone controls are wooden knobs that are discreetly tucked into the treble-side C bout, and the the 1/4 output jack is well hidden but conveniently placed on the backside of the instrument.

The RV Pro model features Instant Active (iA), a system that can transform the passive pick-up harness into an active one, delivering a hotter signal.

This lets you contour your sound without sacrificing the texture and color of the instrument's tone. A hotter signal also means more gain, which magnifies the effect of the tone knob. By increasing gain and lowering output impedance the iA system also lets you plug directly into a sound board, digital interface and most guitar amps without the need for an external preamp or DI box.

The iA system only requires a 2-minute charge for approximately 24 hours of high-gain output (no batteries necessary). To activate the active mode, simply pull out the tone knob until it clicks. When the tone knob is left pushed in the violin will remain in passive mode but is still able to plug in and amplify.


  • Handmade in Europe
  • Premium choice Carpathian Spruce top
  • Elegantly molded maple ribs an back
  • Realist pickup integrated into top plate
  • Volume & Tone knobs for on-the-fly sound contouring
  • Ergonomically placed, integrated jack keeps the instrument balanced
  • "Frantique" finish
  • Set up with Thomastik Infeld Vision violin strings
  • Wittner Fine Tune Pegs (convenient geared tuners which look like traditional ebony pegs)
  • Protec MAX dart-shaped violin case included

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