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Realist RV-5e acoustic-electric violin

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The Realist RV-5E combines Realist pickup technology, discreet controls and exceptional electronics with good quality acoustic instrument bodies sourced from Europe. Acoustic tone is strong and clear under the ear, but it really opens up when it's plugged in, with a powerful output and great amplified tone. Like all the Realist 5-strings, this is one of the most playable 5 string acoustic-electric violins we've seen.

If you've been looking for an affordable, no-compromise five string acoustic-electric, the Realist RV-5e is an excellent choice; a purpose-built 5-string that's set up well and nearly as playable as your average four string. Bridge curvature is excellent, and string spacing at the bridge and nut are such that it hardly feels like you're playing a five string at all.

The Realist RV-5e has an open, clear tone, bigger than you'd expect under the ear, but lacking somewhat in projection. Its "unplugged" tone is good, however, this instrument really shines when you plug it into an amplifier. The amplified tone is well-balanced across the strings, rich and full, as you'd expect from an instrument equipped with the Realist® pickup. It's also quite resistant to feedback, making it a good choice for performers playing in louder bands.

This instrument should be especially popular with budget-minded educators. The RV-5e will allow you to double the violin and viola parts (and even the cello part, an octave higher) without switching instruments.

The Realist RV-5e has an attractively finished body, with a moderately-flamed two-piece maple back and sides, and a spruce top. With an almost-invisible volume knob in the C bout on the treble side, and an output jack discreetly located in the corner block on the back of the violin, it's also great for players who need to play amplified but desire a more traditional appearance on-stage. Price includes a dart-shaped hard shell case.

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