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Stratton Skull Hand-Carved 5-string, Plastic Baby Head

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The "plastic" face of the doll that seems trapped inside this hand-carved Stratton Skull violin is, like the rest of the violin, actually carved from wood. That face carries an environmental message, as this violin was inspired by plastic dolls seen in trash heaps and garbage dumps all over the world, and the Skull in this violin represents where we're all headed, if we don't open our "eyes".

As art, its message is serious; as a striking, impactful tool for the working musician, it's just as serious. This 5-string Stratton Skull has a comfortable, natural feel, and the multiple transducer elements in its MDS bridge gives it a strong, rich output and a great amplified tone. If you're looking for an heirloom-quality, collectible instrument, with an amplified sound that's as powerful as its appearance, Jeff Stratton's hand-carved "Plastic Baby Head" violin may be just what you're looking for.

Striking. Almost shocking. This hand-carved 5-string Stratton Skull electric violin carries a powerful environmental message. As Jeff Stratton has traveled throughout the world, the plastic faces of dolls looking back at him in trash heaps and garbage dumps have always stood out from the rest of the cast-off detritus of society. The image of those changeless plastic faces were the inspiration for one of Jeff's latest his super custom, hand-carved electric violins, with its environmental message.

Rest assured, the "plastic" baby entangled in this instrument is not adding any more plastic to the world -- the baby's head and arm, like the rest of the violin -- is carved from wood, and painted to look realistically like plastic. The Skull in this violin represents what may happen to us all if we don't open our eyes -- in this case, the extra set of eyes at the top of the violin.

The 5-string "Plastic Baby Head" Stratton Skull is more than just a piece of thoughtful, sobering art -- it's also a powerful tool for a working musician. This is the first Stratton violin that we've had with the new MDS multiple-transducer pickup bridge. The sound is clear, loud, and rich -- a little quieter than a Barbera, but louder and with more brilliance on the high end than the sound of a Starfish.

The violin itself is comfortable to play, with a slightly narrow neck than some other five-strings that we carry. If you've been interested in trying a five-string, but were put off by some of the instruments with wider necks, this striking, collectible Stratton Skull violin, might be the perfection choice for you.

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