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Volta Violinatron F5 "Flaxotron" - Rob Flax Signature Custom Hybrid Violin

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A new kind of hybrid violin, the Volta Violinatron D5 "Flaxatron" offers both unplugged and amplified performance, but is not least not in the traditional sense. What it is is a chambered body electric violin with built-in powered speakers, which amplify the pickup sound.

This special edition was developed in coordination with violinist Rob Flax. Build-wise it is pretty much the same as an original Violinatron V5, except it has built-in delay instead of reverb and a toggle switch to select between passive and active output signal. Read more about the unique onboard delay effects in the full description below.

The Volta is the brainchild of Russian-born classical violinist Marat Gabdullin, a professional symphonic violinist who also plays electric. He came up with the idea when playing his fine acoustic violin outdoors, where the sound dissipated and sounded dead and scratchy because there was no natural reverb. Looking at one of his amplifiers he wondered if he could simply scale the circuit and speaker down to fit into a violin, while keeping it lightweight, playable, and great sounding. He succeeded.

The D5 weighs in at a surprisingly light 1 lb. 12 oz., so it feels quite comfortable to play in spite of the gear it houses. That additional gear consists of two 1.5-inch tweeter drivers and a battery powered circuit to drive them. The two active speakers are located on the lower bouts of the violin nearest the player. Up top on the bass side of the fingerboard is a resonator that helps open up the sound of the chambered violin body.

The chambered body design serves several purposes--it retains a traditional full violin shape while keeping weight to a minimum; it allows for acoustic resonance within the instrument, adding to the richness and complexity of the tone; it creates a closed resonating environment, which eliminates feedback, making this a great performance violin whether using the onboard speaker system or plugging into a loud PA and stage monitoring system.

The speakers' output is loud enough for solo performance in a reasonably quiet setting, for self monitoring in a band environment, or simply for a great sounding practice experience. When you need to really crank it, simply plug D5 into a amplifier as you would any other electric violin and rock out!

While the speaker system is battery-powered, the pickup system operates passively, allowing you to perform plugged in without relying on the battery. As a passive violin, D5 is compatible with bug-style wireless systems such as Line 6 G10 and BOSS WL-20.

A dart shaped violin case is included.

Rob Flax signature delay effects

In active mode the built-in delay can be added to the signal coming from the jack output. This model has four knobs -- volume, mix, feedback and speed. The volume knob controls the pickup signal and the other three control delay effects. The delay effects range from nearly infinite repeats to super-short delay time, which sound like a metal tank reverb, and also self-oscilating/feedback.

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